DIY E-Juice

Let’s see how to cut down expenses of E-Juice by making it ourselves instead of blowing out all the cash!

Use empty plastic bottles which have a childproof cap

A plastic bottle is the most appropriate approach if you’re just starting out to create your own E-Juice. People do use bigger containers and costlier bottles but that also shoots up the price of the investment. It is also good practice to use clean bottles every time you prepare a mix, because the flavour of the juice will easily get lost and destroyed if it gets mixed with some residue deposit from another trial.

Syringe usage

Accuracy can make or break the recipe when it comes to E Juice. Once you become a pro at it, you can always alter measurements and make your own juice, but till then it is a good idea to stick to the basics. Using a syringe separately for each ingredient and keeping them marked is bound to make the concoction much more accurate and effective. When you work with smaller bottles of about 10 to 15 mL, the openings will also be pretty small and in these cases, you should use the syringe to pour the fluids inside. By doing so, there is no chance of spillage and gives you more control when counting the drops. That is really important because you will generally be working with really small quantities and even a few drops up or down might change the entire intent of the recipe. There is going to variations and that must be kept in mind because a single drop’s volume is dependent on various factors.

Keep the napkins handy

There are occurrences which might cause quantities of the liquid to spill over in the area where you are working. The possibility that even a pro might spill a bit of liquid should always be considered and be prepared for. Keep a few tissues and napkins close to your workspace when you are taking the baby steps of preparing Vape juice.

The final steps

Preparing nicotine

A lot of calculation goes into figuring out the amount of nicotine going in. It is smart to add a little less nicotine that recommended by an online calculator because too much is a bummer.

Preparing flavours


You should be really careful in this step as the fate of the juice rests here. Trial and error is the way to go and also adding a little less than recommended in the recipe. Stick to 10% flavouring of the total volume.

Preparing the base

The choice of base depends on the recipe and could either be VG or PG. Don’t go overboard and keep to the safe 50/50 or 80/20. Remember that once nicotine is diluted, it already has a bit of PG or VG.

Mixing and steeping

It is necessary to shake the mix properly to blend the thicker ingredients. Steeping is optional and may or may not be done. Try steeping if intrigued!

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